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What We Do

Humane Intelligence is a tech nonprofit building a community of practice around algorithmic evaluations.

The organization, led by Dr. Rumman Chowdhury, is building a programming platform for model evaluators and individuals seeking to learn more about model evaluations. By creating this community and practice space, we aim to professionalize the practice of algorithmic auditing and evaluations. is a platform for organizations and individuals to align, create community, share best practices, and have a one-stop shop for creating technical evaluations that help drive benchmarks, standards, and more. We are actively engaged in the development of hands-on, measurable methods of real-time assessments of societal impact of AI models.

Humane Intelligence started as a small organization hosting algorithmic bias bounties. These programs, generally held online, were a great starting point to raise interest and awareness in algorithmic bias bounties. In 2023, we expanded to hosting in-person red teaming events, including the largest ever generative AI red teaming exercise at DEFCON 31, a scientific mis-and dis-information red teaming exercise with the Royal Society, and an architecture red teaming event at Autodesk University.

We are now expanding to create an online platform and presence to host both online and in-person events including model evaluations, algorithmic bias bounties and red teaming exercises. Over time, we will provide self-serve tools for individuals to share their work, conduct their own evaluations, and find best practices.

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