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How easy is it to make the AI behind chatbots go rogue? Hackers at Defcon test it out
Shannon Bond
DEF CON Organizer Talks AI And Ethics With Soledad O’Brien
Soledad O'Brien
Misinformation, not machines, biggest election vulnerability, hackers say
Donie O'Sullivan
When Hackers Descended to Test A.I., They Found Flaws Aplenty
Sarah Kessler and Tiffany Hsu
Meet the hackers who are trying to make AI go rogue
Will Oremus
Mass event will let hackers test limits of AI technology
Matt O'Brien
Strength in Numbers: NVIDIA and Generative Red Team Challenge Unleash Thousands to Vet Security at DEF CON
Daniel Rohrer
Inside the White House-Backed Effort to Hack AI
Rishi Iyengar
Hackers competed to find AI harms. Here’s what they found
Will Oremus
The Scientists Breaking AI to Make It Safer
Billy Perrigo
What an Effort to Hack Chatbots Says About AI Safety
Rishi Iyengar
Governing AI: Developing Methodologies for Public Feedback feat. Dr. Rumman Chowdhury, Jutta Williams, Donie O’Sullivan & More!
All Tech is Human
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