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Ayşegül Güzel enjoys looking for systems that bring joy to humanity. She innovated the world’s largest time bank social network and has advised as a thought leader in sharing, alternative, and gift economies through press interviews, published articles, and public speeches, including TED Talks. As a community facilitator, she has led hundreds of community gatherings and facilitated hackathons, social innovation camps, and meetups between people in social and technology fields. Driven by her fascination with AI and Ethics, she transitioned into data science, enabling her to effectively bridge both social and technical domains. Ayşegül is passionate about asking ethical questions and working as a team to use AI for good, humbly and generously. What gives her the most joy is singing. She loves human beings and loves being human. Ayşegül feels most alive in communities where each human being is welcomed with their authentic self.

Fariza Rashid is a doctoral student at the University of Sydney, specializing in AI applications in cyber threat intelligence. She completed her Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Hons) in Data Science and Financial Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Sydney in 2021, as a recipient of the University of Sydney Scholar Chancellor's Award. With a strong background in interdisciplinary research, she has collaborated with researchers from institutions like the University of California, Davis, and the University of Hawaii, and has presented her work at multiple conferences, including the APRU AI for Social Good Summit and the AISA Australian Cyber Conference. Fariza is a recipient of the NSW Defence Innovation Network Postgraduate Scholarship, and her current research focuses on using deep learning, specifically large language models, for malicious URL detection. She is passionate about developing secure and responsible AI for beneficial societal applications.

Kristi Arbogast is a technology, human rights, and democracy specialist, with experience in trust and safety, data analysis, and ethical technology advocacy. Most recently, Kristi supported community initiatives at RightsCon as a part of Access Now, managed a global coalition of democracy organizations and tech companies at the National Democratic Institute, and grew a collaborative network of global organizations at OpenGov Hub. Kristi trained in open-source intelligence methods through the Digital Sherlocks program at the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensics Research Lab. Through recent coursework, she expanded her knowledge of Python, SQL, and data visualization tools, and will be pursuing a certification as an Ethical Emerging Technologist to deepen her understanding of ethical considerations in data-driven technologies. Kristi holds a Master’s degree in Media and Public Affairs from the George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

Manish Kumar is pursuing a master’s degree in Information Management and Systems at the University of California, Berkeley. He is passionate about analyzing the effects of technology and the complex relationships at the intersection of AI and society. He used to be a software developer and wants to ultimately use technology for social good. He works with the Integrity Institute to study the weaponization of AI systems around the world during the biggest election year and its impact on democracy. He wants to focus his research on the far-reaching, often unfavorable effects of AI recommender systems on the more vulnerable non-western societies.

Ryan Nichols is an educator and entrepreneur from Dayton, Ohio. Ryan studied Human-Computer Interaction at the Ohio State University. Ryan has experience in education technology startups, higher education program development, and as an elementary school Montessori educator. Currently, Ryan is focusing his fellowship on evaluating the role of community colleges in AI education and agency-based practice. Ryan values the idea that everyone should be able to participate in reducing bias from AI, and recognizes the value of these skills for the future workforce. Beyond his professional pursuits, Ryan is passionate about the interaction of technology and art. He is an active member in the local Dayton music community and enjoys organizing events that bring people together through art, technology, and community.

Suriya Krishna was working towards a career in software engineering, but she became curious about how governance mechanisms are adapting to the changes brought by technology so she pursued a master's in Science and Technology Policy. Currently, she is focusing on research and her interests lie at the intersection of technology, ethics, and policy - exploring how to govern AI and other disruptive innovations to maximize benefits and minimize harms.

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