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We are pleased to introduce our first six Fellows to the world!

Maria DF

1 min read

Jun 23


Humane Intelligence is pleased to welcome our first Fellows cohort, a group of community builders and problem solvers who are passionate about building safe, secure, and trustworthy AI. We are building a community of hands-on practitioners who love tackling complex problems and appreciate sociotechnical approaches.

This first cohort has been curated to reflect a wide range of skills, expertise, and interests. Fellows represent Humane Intelligence in their communities of practice - whether it’s social media, Slack/Discord channels, meetups, or school clubs. Fellows plan to grow our algorithmic bias bounty programs and red-teaming efforts. Additionally, Humane Intelligence’s Fellows will complete a capstone project to advance the field of algorithmic assessment and auditing.


Our Fellows program is fully remote, and our Fellows are based in Australia, India, Spain, and the United States.


Our mission is to create a global, diverse community of practice, so we particularly encourage individuals of non-traditional backgrounds and non-western geographies to apply. We are accepting applications on a rolling basis. You can learn more and apply here


Learn more about each of our Fellows here

Maria DF

1 min read

Jun 23


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