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Traditionally, companies that produce algorithms employ specialized teams that work behind closed doors to solve problems.

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You can help fix AI

Join our growing community of
practitioners dedicated to improving AI models.

A better way

...but diverse issues with AI models are best solved by having more, diverse people contributing to solutions.

We believe that every person has information, knowledge and lived experience to contribute. Whether or not you build AI or use AI, you are impacted by AI systems. 

How is your voice being heard? 

Join the Community of AI Practitioners

We host in person and online gatherings of people representing different voices, all working toward the goal of professionalizing the practice of algorithmic auditing and evaluations.

Join a Bias Bounty Event

Use our platform and technology to evaluate, share and promote AI testing standards, or join one of our red-teaming competitions to evaluate your AI model against common standards.

Learning and Resources

Read more about our advocacy and congressional testimony. AI is not magic. Together, we’re working to build a vibrant and robust independent technical community that completes the ecosystem of AI governance.

By creating this community and practice space, we aim to professionalize algorithmic auditing and evaluation.”

Dr. Rumman Chowdhury



Algorithmic Bias Bounty Challenge

MAY 15, 2024

We at Humane Intelligence are thrilled to be launching the first of 10 "algorithmic bias bounty" programs, which will be unfolding over the coming year.

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About us

We are building a community of practice for AI model evaluators and individuals seeking to learn more about how AI impacts their lives. We host in-person and online events to empower and educate a broader range of stakeholders.

 We are actively engaged in the development of hands-on, measurable methods of real-time assessments of the societal impact of AI models.


How easy is it to make the AI behind chatbots go rogue? Hackers at Defcon test it out

Thousands of hackers probed AI chatbots for misinformation, bias and security flaws at the annual Defcon hacking convention in Las Vegas to see how easy is it to make the AI go off the rails.


Misinformation, not machines, biggest election vulnerability, hackers say

At DEF CON in Las Vegas, hackers took apart voting machines to test vulnerabilities. They tell CNN's Donie O'Sullivan conspiracy theories, not software, are the biggest threats to democracy.


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